Gelish: Floral Heart, With Love

Vanny is amazing! She puts so much effort into thinking of her own nail design that it never fails to amaze me. Just check out some of the sketches she brought along for her appointment:

Apparently, she had worked out these designs to go with a Cupid + roses in the shape of a heart design that I had posted earlier on my Facebook page. Such amazing talent! In the end, this is what I did for her:

For the little finger and index finger, she opted for a soft gradient with roses as a lower border. I used Gelish Sheek White for the base and Less Talk for the tips. The roses were done with Gelish Make A Difference swirled with Gelish Sheek White, and the leaves done with two custom-mixed shades (neon green Gelish mixed with Artistic Colour Gloss Mocha Chino).

For the ring finger and thumb, Vanny chose the Cupid + roses in the shape of a heart design. This was done with Gelish Less Talk as a base and I used my ultra-realistic Cupid stickers from Japan!

Now, the middle finger is a design that I absolutely adore… Gelish Less Talk as the base, roses in diagonal lines, and love scribbled in between with Art Clubs solid silver striper.

Last picture!


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