Beauty Asia 2012

Beauty Asia is a trade fair held annually in Singapore for professionals in the industry. Generally, to attend, you need to be in the beauty business and register with your name card.

Last year, I attended on the last day about an hour before the closing of the fair after receiving a tip off from my Pink Room classmate Pam. It was an eye-opening experience seeing so many products at rock-bottom prices, and I was in panic mode because I didn’t have much time to scoop up all the bargains!

This year, I was much more well-prepared. I registered in advance and visited on the first day of the fair, giving myself 2 hours to roam about and plan my purchases. I also went with two fellow nail-crazed friends, Felicia and Shona, which was awesome because we could consult each other before making our purchases and also we could combine our orders to get better deals.

Anyway! On to my loot!

At the Gelish booth, colours were going at $16, with a free PH bond if you purchase 6 colours. If you get 24 colours, the price drops to $14 per bottle, but with no freebies. As I already have all the Gelish colours that I want, I decided to stock up on some popular colours that needed replenishing.

At the Artistic Colour Gloss booth, the colours were also going at $16 each, with a free bottle of cleanser if you purchase 12 colours. As my collection of ACG is still very small, I was able to pick out 7 new colours to add to my collection. ACG has a lot of dupes for Gelish colours since they are from the same company, so I couldn’t find 12 that were unique enough… Luckily, the company that brought in ACG told me that I could buy the top coat at the same price to get the freebie. That’s how I ended up with 5 ACG top coats! Luckily, Shona and Felicia each bought 1 from me after that so I only have 3 extra bottles of top coat in storage now!

Total damage for Gelish and ACG: $256

Next up…

Stocked up on some necessities! I go through buffers very quickly so I got two packs, which contain 20 buffing blocks in total. Only $6/pack compared to the usual $8/pack from PNC! I also got the cuticle nippers which were $20 for 3. Not significantly cheaper than usual but oh well… And of course, NailTek base coats! These were only $10 for a twin-pack of Foundation II (for ridged, uneven nails) and Intensive Therapy II (for soft, peeling nails) so I grabbed 6 packs (sold one to Shona later on as she had missed out on the bargain). Later on, I noticed that they changed the price to $12… Guess too many people were grabbing the bargains!

Total damage for necessities: $92

And also…

Absolutely gorgeous gems for the nails! I grabbed four packs for $4/pack. Also bought a Misa silver glitter striper polish for just $5. Lastly, got a super professional Kolinsky brush for working with embossing gel. $50, but its so pretty and good quality!

Total damage here: $71

I also found two freebies in the goodie bag that was given to me as I walked in!

All in all, I spent… $419! On pretty basic stuff. Oh well! There were a lot of tempting things like embossed gels (but I already have tons sitting at home waiting for me to try them, so I told myself to RESIST!), other brands of gel polishes (I told myself that there’s no point buying too many colours or other brands as customers know and trust Gelish the most and I already have the best colours so RESIST) and also courses for skills like embossed gel, 3D art etc (but they all clash with my schedule so even though I was super willing to spend the thousands of dollars on them, I couldn’t).

Then I told myself, NEVER MIND! There’s still next year! Can’t wait! πŸ˜›


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