Gelish: Swallows and Lace

Ann is a thoughtful mommy with a two-month old baby (if I remember correctly) and she opted for a Gelish mani as was concerned about normal polish chipping off around her baby. She was considering doing a Marc Jacobs-themed set (would love to do that one day!) but opted for Miu Miu swallows instead due to time constraints as she was sharing her appointment slot with her sister.


Did tiny swallows for her on her index and ring fingers! I love the Miu Miu swallows and I guess so do my customers… because I keep getting requests for it!


Ann then felt that the remaining three nails looked too bare so I brought out some lace stickers from my Tokyo nail stash and after Ann chose one of them, I added it as a tip design.


Love the combination, but I don’t have enough of this lace left to do the same design again. Darn it…


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