Gelish: English Boarding School

Vanny is amazing! She is a customer who always knows exactly what she wants, and sends me her designs in advance via email. Each time, her designs get more and more complicated… And this time, she even took the time and effort to sketch the exact design that she wanted for each nail!


Her sketch – notice the different designs for both hands and each finger! So detailed! I was very impressed. πŸ™‚


And the result:


I did all the art with Gelish, using Queen of Hearts, Caution, Black Shadow, Sheek White, and Take Action… Oh, except for the queen’s tiara – that was done with Art Club’s solid gold striper and gold glitter striper.


The hand with the king:


And the hand with the queen:


Used a variety of gold studs as well in this design! This took me a while to execute because of all the different designs and because I was doing the art entirely in Gelish (you need to cure the art in stages)… But I love the design!

Oh, and Vanny sent me this AWESOME collage a week later…


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