Gelish: Sweet Hearts

Lurvin picked a design from one of my nail art magazines, but I ended up modifying it significantly! The original design had crystals all over, and the feature nails had two strips of lace stickers with an embossed heart on top.


I kept the colour combination, but left out the crystals at Lurvin’s request. Also, when she opted for hand-drawn lace instead of stickers, I suggested doing a lace panel instead of two thin lace strips, so that the embossed heart could be within the lace panel.


In the end, I did two hearts, one in pink and a smaller one in white, instead of the single large heart in the original design.


This design was done with Gelish Less Talk for the lighter pink base, Gelish Take Action for the darker pink base, and a coat of Gelish Water Field over Gelish Less Talk for the glitter nail.


The lace was drawn with white acrylic paint and the hearts were sculpted with acrylic powders.



9 thoughts on “Gelish: Sweet Hearts

  1. Lizzy says:

    Beautiful lace work! I love this design too! πŸ˜€ You inspire me to come up with my own stripes and lace nail art design. I love the whites and pinks. I should think about getting my fingernails into shape first.

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