Gelish: Abstract and Florals

Xen wanted to try a new design that I had on my nail wheel – it looks pretty random, like a cross between marbling and sponging. The new wheel:


However, she didn’t want the gold frame because she doesn’t like gold, so we left it bare. For the rest of the nails, I suggested using super-realistic floral stickers I’d bought from Tokyo:


The result:


The base colour is a beautiful eggshell white that I custom-mixed using Gelish Sheek White and Gelish Forever Beauty. Yes, it’s possible to mix Gelish colours to get the perfect shade that you want – this is great because it gets around the problem of the Gelish colour range being limited. However, when you mix it, you don’t want to mix too much or you’ll end up wasting the leftover. Thus, application can be a bit tedious because you’re dipping into a shallow mixing dish instead of a full bottle, and thus not getting enough gel polish on your brush to cover the entire nail smoothly and you have to keep picking up more. To get around this problem, I’m thinking of premixing the eggshell white in a bottle… Yes, a full bottle! It’s a gorgeous colour, so I think this might be popular enough to justify premixing in large quantities…


Anyway… I also used Gelish Red Roses and Artistic Colour Gloss Mocha Chino for the abstract design.


The floral stickers are gorgeous (but my camera didn’t pick up the detail – they look blurred in these pictures) and thin, so they look very natural and just blend into the nail design without obvious outlines.


11 thoughts on “Gelish: Abstract and Florals

  1. Barbara says:

    Hi! Once again I’m in love with your designs..
    How did you managed to do those tree pink brown and blue.. looks like animal print, maybe crocodile.. they are out of this world! Amazing!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Correction: You THINK you can get the same ones on eBay for half the price.

      Ebay is filled with cheap quality COPIES of these stickers by sellers based in China/Hongkong. Mine are mostly PERSONALLY purchased direct from the country of origin (that’s Japan), with no doubt as to their authenticity and quality, and if you take into account the fact that I spend thousands of dollars on airfare and accommodation, my stickers are priced very reasonably. If you want to run the risk of purchasing fakes, you are welcome to purchase off eBay.

      As an amateur, you probably can’t tell the difference in quality between the original products and the copies, but as a professional in this industry, I can assure you that there is a whole world of difference.

      • nailartexpress says:

        I have seen that exact listing and as I have mentioned, these sellers are based in Hong Kong. I have seen too many fakes to want to give these sellers the benefit of the doubt. I purchased mine directly from Japan in person at a very reputable nail supply chain.

        Also, in case you don’t already know, the prices listed on my store are in Singapore dollars. With shipping, that auction listing is in no way HALF my price, and not even a significant discount IF it is authentic.

        You may be a professional nail tech, but I’d have to say your derogatory attitude (and questionable motive in coming here in the first place to try and affect my business) certainly threw me off on that one. I may have assumed wrongly with regards to your level of professional knowledge, but I can safely say that you are a horrible person.

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