Gelish: Alice in Wonderland

Did this set for my friend Fengyi! She picked an Alice in Wonderland design from a Japanese gel design book that I bought from Tokyo, but she didn’t want any of the 3D bs, so I modified the design for her. The result:


I used Gelish Red Roses for the red base and some of the art, Gelish Sheek White for the white base, and Gelish Black Shadow for some of the designs.


My favorite design is the clock! Did the art with acrylic paint and framed the nail with Art Club striper in gold glitter.


For some of the fingers, I did a red base with black polka dots, then drew on playing cards. Love them, but I don’t know if I can handle them in larger numbers (like the ten of hearts) and I definitely can’t do a queen or king… 😛


I also like the ring finger with the whole nail as a playing card. I could probably do this in larger numbers… And maybe even the king/queen if there’s space!


The most tedious design is the complex checked one with tiny spades and hearts and decorated with tiny gold studs. The rest were filler designs, with checks, swirls (Cheshire cat-inspired) and hearts.

I once saw an even more complex Alice in Wonderland set, with tiny rabbit checking his pocket watch, tea party, etc… Hopefully I’ll be able to dig it up and try it out!


8 thoughts on “Gelish: Alice in Wonderland

  1. Nicole says:

    Love, love, love it! I’m going to try this for myself someday soon. It will fit well with my Alice in Wonderland inspired rings, bracelet, and my own-made Mad Hatter’s Hat =)

  2. Alice A says:

    Wow, you are freaking PRO. Very impressed! Can you do my nails for me? I always manage to screw them up each time I paint them. -.-

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