ARASHI outfit

Jamie requested for a set of nails based on an outfit designed by one of the ARASHI members. She printed out some pictures of the outfit and showed them to me. The colour printout was apparently not very accurate, so I had to rely on Jamie to choose the exact polish colours from my collection. This is the eventual design that I came up with:

It’s been maybe two months since this was done (I know, I’m super behind in my posting! *shamefaced*) so I can’t remember some of the polish colours! I’ll try my best…

This design is based on the following outfit:

The outfit comprises of a 2-in-1 tee that looks like it’s a red sleeveless tee layered over a grey short-sleeved tee. The red bit has subtle pink leopard prints! There’s also a darker grey scarf with white trim (What do you call this? It looks like frayed ends to me) and a black tip (I thought they were also frayed bits until I received the photos via email after the manicure). It also looks like there is a white tee worn underneath as well, as it’s peeking from below the grey tee! Finally, a darker red for the pants.

As you can see, I used various features of the outfit on different nails. The thumb is the most complicated and it has the red leopard print tee with the scarf on it. For the index finger, I focused on the centre of the outfit, so there’s a bit of the red leopard print tee, then the white tee peeking out unevenly, then the maroon pants. The middle finger zooms in on the scarf, the ring finger has just the leopard print, and the little finger is for the sleeves of the grey tee.

Overall this was a pretty simple set!

Gonna leave you with pics of the cute guy from ARASHI now. πŸ˜›


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