Gelish: Marbling & Roses

Sometimes I think I’m really fortunate because I have some of the nicest customers ever – the majority are early/on time, and there are some who spring surprise gifts on me, like souvenirs from their holidays, or bring me food/drinks because they know I’m always too busy to eat… there are also those who are open to my design suggestions or even let me do anything I want on their nails… those who generously shared travel tips with me (to the point of sending me word documents with their travel tips compiled!) when I was going to Tokyo… and those who send me something I love getting – thank-you SMSes/emails to let me know that they like their nails! πŸ˜›

Cherish did three of those things – she was on time, she was happy to try my new nail stickers from Japan, and she sent me an email immediately after the appointment (within an hour!) to let me know she liked the nails! AWESOME! Anyway, this is what I did for her!

Strangely, my iPhone couldn’t capture sharp images that day and everything just looked like it was in soft focus… except for this one picture. I was so dismayed when I looked through my pictures a few days later and realised how blur they were! I then asked Cherish to help me take some pictures of her nails and she emailed me TONS of pictures! The following pictures are all from her. πŸ™‚

The peachy-nude base you see here is Gelish Forever Beauty! For the index and ring fingers, I did very subtle marbling with Gelish Sheek White.

Cherish opted for a half moon design alternated with a french tip design. The half moon design has marbling while the french tip design has a plain tip, but comes wth a glitter gradient.

I then added super realistic rose stickers (bought from Tokyo but sadly I only have a few packs left) to the half moon and french tips.

I just LOVE the detail of these stickers! They are of much better quality than the usual stickers you can find on the market, and so gorgeous too! Compare them to the following stickers that I found on the Internet (no I didn’t buy any!):

There’s nothing special about these stickers, so if I didn’t have my Japanese nail stickers, I would rather do all my art freehand!


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