Jieling requested for popcorn nails and sent me a link to a video tutorial by Cute Polish (I think). The original design looked like this:


I googled for images of popcorn (I usually try not to copy wholesale but to improve on the design if necessary – in this case, I wanted to make it more realistic) and found this image of the box:


I suggested adding the popcorn label, but simplified, and Jieling agreed. She also requested for French tips with a curve instead of the straight ones in the original design. The result:


I used OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy for the base, OPI Alpine Snow for the white tips, and Art Club’s striper polish in red to line the curve of the tips and for the art.The popcorn art was done with acrylic paint in beige, yellow and brown. It was more tricky working with the striper polish for art, especially when drawing the words, but I didn’t have much of a choice. I could have used red paint, but somehow red paint tends to “bleed” after Seche Vite is applied over it, so I tried to avoid that by using polish instead. Strangely, the red polish still bled a little. Maybe it’s something to do with the colour red!

Anyway, my next customer, Jiamin, also ended up doing something very similar! She didn’t have a design in mind, but wanted to have red and yellow on her nails, so popcorn nails fit the bill! As her nails were shorter, I did a simplified version without the words. It just looks like Cute Polish’s original design actually heh.



2 thoughts on “Popcorn!

  1. yanyuan says:

    hi can i ask is there any slot avavilable before cny ??? and for this design i need to do with express or classic manicure?

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