Gelish: Gilded Goddess

Yesterday, I did a Gelish switch! My previous mani was pretty simple – crystal cascades on all the nails except for the ring finger, which was designed to look like a wrapped box from Tiffany & Co.

For this finger, I had Artistic Colour Gloss in Tease as the base colour and Gelish Sheek White for the stripes underneath the acrylic ribbon that I sculpted onto the nail.

This mani lasted me a good three weeks! I only liked the ring finger though – getting very sick of doing crystal cascades, but it’s fast and easy and I didn’t have time for anything more complicated before my Tokyo trip. 😦

Today, I decided to use some of my new stickers! I did a set with two different designs. The half moon design was done with Gelish Ambience as the base and Gelish Forever Beauty for the half moon, and the other design was just Gelish Forever Beauty as the base. After sticking on the gold stickers, it looked like this:

And after putting some finishing touches, it looked so different!

Sealed everything with two coats of Gelish TIO. I wanted to try these gold stickers on myself not just because they are pretty, but because I intend to offer them as limited edition designs (I only bought one sheet of this particular design, so you can imagine how limited it will be!) for Chinese New Year, and I needed to test them on myself first to see how well they hold up. Hopefully there won’t be any problems!

*An aside on the title: I named this Gilded Goddess because to me, it looks very Grecian with the golden frames, and the colour scheme with the pearls is so delicate that it makes me think of Greek goddesses and their ethereal beauty…


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