Nail supplies haul from Tokyo, Japan!

Whew! It took me a while but I finally sorted out my purchases from my trip to Japan! My boyfriend and I went there with two large suitcases and one small cabin luggage, and guess what we came back with? Two more cabin luggages (got them from the Liz Lisa fukubukoro – more on that in another post!) and we also stuffed a duffel bag that we’d brought (empty) there.

My nail-related purchases didn’t actually take up much space… but certainly emptied my pockets significantly! Here’s what I got for about $1000:

I know it doesn’t look like much, but that’s the thing about nail supplies – quality products cost a bomb! I went to NailTat in Shinjuku (they have another outlet in Shibuya which may be easier to find – just keep walking down after you get past Shibuya 109 and look out for the Nailtat signboard sticking out from one of the buildings!). I don’t actually know how to get to the Shinjuku one because it was my boyfriend who had the map and navigated the way! It’s pretty near Shinkuju Station’s East Exit!

Anyway, I went to NailTat FOUR times! I think it was really good timing that I was there during Christmas, because they were having a Christmas sale (15% off on 17 and 18 Dec to the general public) on top of the discounted price offered to licensed nail techs (I got up to 50% off on the products, but still spent $1000 – imagine that!) and then later on they were having another promotion (lucky dip with every 5000 yen purchase – but by that time, there wasn’t much I needed to buy, so I only got to do it once and won a pack of 5 stickers).

I kept going back for a few reasons…
1. I kept worrying that I hadn’t bought everything that I wanted, and just wanted to go back and look at everything again to be sure.
2. I’d bought a couple of nail art magazines and kept seeing things in them that I wanted, so I had to go back, show the sales assistants the book and point at what I wanted. Yes, they don’t speak English!
3. I kept worrying that I hadn’t bought ENOUGH of the items that I’d bought – what if I used them all up quickly! Then I wouldn’t be able to restock! So I went back and bought more multiples, just in case.
4. I received some requests from my friends to help them grab some items… it was a good excuse to do a bit more shopping for myself as well.

My poor boyfriend accompanied me each time and sat there while I browsed for about 1 hour each time. *shamefaced* Well, now we all know who the “Boyfriend of the Year” award goes to!

Some of my new purchases sitting pretty in my new containers! These were bought from 3 Coins, which is something like Daiso – except that everything in the shop retails for 315 yen (approx $5+). The one I went to was located on the third floor of Lumine Est, a small mall connected to Shinjuku station.

On to more detailed pictures of my new purchases!

Gold and silver stickers! I just redid my own Gelish manicure using some of these stickers, so stay tuned!

Various lace stickers from Perfect Nail! These are smaller and more intricate than PA Eternal’s range, so I’m interested in seeing how they perform on the nail.

Bought some PA Eternal lace stickers as well.

Amazingly realistic-looking and super detailed stickers! These are called “Real Nail Antique Photo Art” – I usually scoff at nail art stickers, but these are SO GOOD! I don’t even think it’s possible to recreate them in 100% detail with freehand art!

More stickers, including some simpler ones which I don’t intend to use on customers – they’re more for my own use, because doing freehand art on myself is just too tedious and stickers are an awesome easy way out!

Yet more stickers. For the curious, these stickers retail for about $8/pack on average at NailTat.

Check out the fine detail of these stickers!

I also bought the camellia ones for Chanel-themed nails and Christmas stickers for my nails next December. 😛 I know, very early, but I have to plan in advance because I don’t think I’ll be back in Japan until at least a year later!

These are gels for embossed art – something that I’ve wanted to try but never really invested in! These retail for about $75 per pot.

Also bought some acrylic powders in hard-to-find colours. The colour range there was amazing. These retail for about $30++/pot?

Orly glitter striper polishes! Retails about $20 each?

Embellishments! About $10 each?

More bits and bobs…

Paper palette and pretty nail forms for extensions!

Shiny disco balls and stars in two sizes and different colours!

Ok I’m really happy with these stones… they’re impossible to find in Singapore! Sadly, NailTat doesn’t sell them in bulk – they come in tiny packs of like 10, 20 pieces, and I bought many many packs but just repacked them so that it’s less messy. So what you see here is actually consolidated from my purchases! They’re not cheap either! But it’s ok, because now I have beautiful stones!

That’s the end of my haul post… there were actually some items I bought which aren’t here, because they were gifts for my friends and I forgot to take pictures of them. 😦

20 thoughts on “Nail supplies haul from Tokyo, Japan!

  1. Ariel says:

    So great! You know, I can get those Orly stripers here in the US for about $5USD, and there’s many many products you have that I could never get! We should organize a swap!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Those Orly stripers do retail for insane prices… but I got them for $8 each with the discount for licensed nail techs, so it wasn’t too bad! A swap sounds good, but I’ll have to put it off until my next Japan trip (2013) when I can REALLY stock up since I now know what they have! Now I just have a bit of everything to try out heh.

      Btw Ariel, I’m curious… I’ve seen your site but it doesn’t seem to be related to nail art. Do you have a separate site for that?

  2. Mina says:

    Just wondering how you got that discount- Did you sign up on their website or did you bring in proof of Licensing when you went to the store?
    I’m going in about 3 months and I’m trying to figure out what my best course of action is!!

    Thank you!!

  3. Samantha says:

    Hi! I happen to chance upon your post! I’m actually going Japan very soon, and I want to visit the Shibuya outlet. How do I show them that I’m licensed in order to buy?
    Thank you!!

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