Gelish: Pororo and Polka Ribbons

Selina requested for Pororo (a Korean penguin cartoon character) on her thumbs! It was my first time hearing of Pororo so I did the design by following a picture of him that she had on her phone.


The blue base is Gelish Up In The Blue, which is cornflower blue-ish and not as dull as it looks in these pictures! I used Gelish Sheek White for the snowy tips and drew the trees and Pororo with acrylic paint.


For the rest of the fingers, Selina requested for tiny bows. Initially, she wanted colourful little bows as a print all over the fingers, but as she was rushing off for an exam, she settled for just one bow on each finger with tiny polka dots in the background.


This set reminds me of pyjamas and bedtime! What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Gelish: Pororo and Polka Ribbons

  1. ling says:

    Omg love pororo! May I knw where you get your nailart brushes from! How on earth did you manage to draw such detailed nail art! Hell loads of patience babe! (Y) thumbs up!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Hi Ling, I get cheap $1.50 or $2 brushes from either PNC or DYON International. It helps that I attended nail art lessons at Pink Room, so we are taught to control our brushes and use the right techniques (so that it doesn’t really matter if we’re using a good brush or a cheap one).

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