Gelish: Red Christmas, Part 2

Sometimes I get a bit sad looking at my own nails. Whenever I do my own nails, I rarely do anything complicated on them. It’s not impossible to do intricate freehand art with my left hand on my right hand, but it just takes too much time and effort. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to do my own nails after a long day/week/month. So, I usually end up settling for something simple.

I think it’s a dilemma that a lot of manicurists face. It’s only when you work in a salon with other manicurists that you can get your partners to do your nails for you when the salon is having a slow day. So, when Felicia mentioned that she wanted to give herself a Christmas mani and maybe use snowflake stickers because she didn’t want to draw them on with her non-dominant hand, I offered to do her nails.

She chose Gelish Vegas Nights as the base colour and Gelish Queen of Hearts for the half moon. I took pictures at this stage because the colour was so beautiful!


I love half moons and take great pride in getting them to look as perfect as possible! It’s essentially the same principle as a french tip, just that it’s higher up the nail…


After that, I added reindeer on the thumbs and snowflakes on the rest of the fingers.


Actually, I also added a glitter line for the half moons after that as requested by Felicia, but I forgot to take pictures at the end. 😦


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