Santa’s delivery

Some of my customers love the designs that I’ve posted and request for the same design for their own nails, while some other customers prefer to do designs that have never been done before because they like knowing that they won’t bump into someone else with the same nail art. Siew Wan belongs to this second category! 😀

She wanted Christmas nails, but didn’t want something that other customers had done before. She also really loves black, so I suggested doing a reindeer-pulled sleigh with Santa making deliveries (the art is done across two nails and is a design from Nail Max Dec 2011).


I suggested a black background since she likes black, and it would be suitable for a night sky with white sponged on for a snowy ground.


Since she liked the snowflake designs, I added snowflakes to the rest of the nails! However, I didn’t repeat the sleigh-in-sky design for the other hand. After all, there’s only one Santa! So, I suggested having reindeers on the other hand instead… I guess they were skiving 😛


The base colour is OPI Black Onyx and all art was done with acrylic paint. 🙂


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