Gelish: Cherubs, Reindeers and Snowflakes

Vel’s Gelish mani was a joint effort between Felicia and myself! I worked on Vel’s pedi while Felicia worked on Vel’s mani, but Felicia’s next customer arrived an hour (!) early so I took over for the mani since I was done with the pedi.

Speaking of the pedi, Vel was originally going for just plain colour without art, but I suggested matching her pedi to her mani. The result:


OPI Passion for the nude base, OPI Black Onyx for the half moon, and glitter to line the half moons. Simple but glamorous! And the mani that it was supposed to match is…


Black Christmas? Vel picked this from my samples and they are actually modified from Nail Max Dec 2011. Threw them all together on a black half moon base with glitter and voilà!


Gelish Black Shadow for the half mons, done by Felicia! At this point I took over for the art – cherub on the ring fingers, reindeer on the thumbs, and three unique snowflakes on the rest of the nails, with stars scattered about.


Lined the half moons with glitter… Super bling! Great bling effect without crystals. 😉



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