Gelish: Merry Xmas!

Yitian is a sweet customer of mine with a quirky sense of style… And it is reflected in the nail art designs that she picks! Her first set of nails with me was a Galaxy design mixed with 3D Big Bird… And this time, she picked very cute Christmas characters for her nails!


The three characters that she picked from Nail Max Dec 2011 were Santa Claus, a reindeer, and a snowman. As the thumbnails were not long enough, Santa has no belt and no pants. 😛 Yitian didn’t like the original snowman’s hat so we got rid of that, and she also changed the colour of his scarf. The cute reindeer remains unchanged… He’s my favourite!


Colours used:
– Gelish Red Roses for Santa’s base
– Gelish Sheek White for the snowman’s base
– Gelish Forever Beauty topped with Gelish Water Field as the base for the candy cane and gingerbread man
– Artistic Colour Gloss Mocha Chino as the base for the reindeer

All art was done with acrylic paint! Yitian sent me this cute picture after that:


Also, because I’m heading to Tokyo soon, she also sent me a guide to Japan that she made for her friends! Super sweet… Thanks Yitian!


4 thoughts on “Gelish: Merry Xmas!

  1. Kim says:

    Lol Ying, I didn’t realize that was a reindeer until I was looking for it and wondering at the same time what the brown one was. They look like christmas Higglytown Heroes! Cute!

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