Gelish: Unicorn, stars and sprinkles

Liang Hui wanted something whimsical and on a glittery pink base! After some discussion, she chose a cupcake and a unicorn, and for pink stars on the rest of the nails.


The base colour is Gelish High Voltage, a hot pink glitter. For the cupcake design, I used Gelish Take Action as the base and Gelish Sheek White for the frosting. The glitter stripes were done with my BNB glitter striper and the sprinkles were done with acrylic paint. For the unicorn, I googled for images and Liang Hui picked this one:


So pretty! And with pink hair and hooves! I simplified it for Liang Hui’s thumb nail. Unfortunately, as that nail had just been broken, we didn’t have enough space for the unicorn’s full lower body.

Still, I’m glad Liang Hui liked the design! She was so sweet as to make a collage and tweet it, and then to text me the image:

Love it! I also have a video of the design… Videos are just great at showcasing designs!


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