Gelish: Bling it on!

My friend Pam came over to get her nails done for a special event – it was her friend’s wedding, and she was one of the bridesmaids! Yes, Pam is my Pink Room classmate (ok, technically not anymore since we don’t have classes anymore, but to me, she’ll always be my classmate heh) so she could have done her own nails, but it’s always nicer to have someone do it for you! No more awkward straining to work on your dominant hand with your non-dominant hand… πŸ˜€

She chose this design and even came up with her own pose! I shall call this pose “The Pam”. πŸ˜›


The base is Gelish Ambience with Gelish Less Talk for the half moons and topped with Gelish Water Field.


This was the mani that inspired my current one (Crystal Cascade – just one post down!)… Love the colour and the glamour!


For the thumbs, Pam chose a Victorian pearl and crystal combo:


The rest of the fingers had super bling ribbons made from a pearl centre and tiny Swarovski ss4 crystals!


Don’t you just love the shine of Swarovski crystals? I will never understand how people are content with cheap-looking resin rhinestones… When they’re made from plastic or even glass, instead of crystal, they don’t shine as much and I think it just ruins the manicure. Today, on the train, I saw a lady with beautifully polished nails that were covered with plastic rhinestones. I know I’m being theatrical, but I think it’s almost a sin! Almost as bad as leaving nail polish on even when it’s chipped…


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