On my nails: Gelish Crystal Cascade

I did a Gelish switch after less than a week (I know, BAD me!) because I thought my previous mani wasn’t really ME. My friend Pam came over to get her nails done for a wedding and I loved it so much that I did something similar for myself. Here’s my current mani:


I used Gelish Ambience as the base and Gelish Less Talk (from the limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness set) topped with Gelish Water Field for the half-moons.


For the ring finger, the half-moon was embellished with a ribbon made of a round pearl and ss4 Swarovski crystals.


For the thumb, I used a large oval pearl, surrounded it with tiny silver beads, and then added Swarovski crystals in ss4 and ss8, interspersed with tiny pearls.

For the rest of the fingers, I added glitter flecks and Swarovski crystals in ss4, 6 and 8 in a cascading pattern. This is a wonderful way to get plenty of shine without using too many crystals!

In fact, this mani is so shiny that I had to take a video to show everyone how beautifully the crystals sparkle even indoors… Can you imagine their brilliance under bright sunlight?


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