Nail Art Extravaganza, Part Two!

Our first nail art extravaganza was an ambitious project with two booths side by side at the Scape flea on 12 November, tended by four manicurists offering a range of nail services.

Unbelievably, it was a roaring success – we were about 60% filled with advance appointments, and walk-in customers made up the other 40%. We were busy attending to customers all the way from the start to the end, which is typically what happens when we work in twos, but I am still amazed that it happened when there were four of us! I guess my initial fears that there might not be enough customers for all of us were unfounded. Thank you everyone who got your nails done at our booths! I had a great time with my partners!

Here comes the big announcement… we’re repeating this on 3 December!

Choose from an OPI express manicure or a Gelish classic manicure, and add on nail art from an affordable $10/set! Right now, I only have two slots left:

1.45pm – 3pm: Perfect for a Gelish classic manicure with gradation/french tips/simple nail art
5.15pm – 6.45pm: Perfect for a Gelish classic manicure with more complex nail art

If you’d like to book either of these slots, please fill in this form.

Do contact my partners directly if you’d like to make an appointment with them!


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