Gelish: Urbanite

Priscillia is a new customer who amazed me when she just told me to do anything I wanted on her nails. I probed further and she told me that whenever she goes to the salon to get her nails done, she always gives her manicurist a free rein. I was really astounded, because she didn’t limit me to any colours, or express any preferences for any particular style. The only thing she did tell me was that she didn’t like animal prints…

In the end, I created a design for her based on my impression of her. She had a classic bob hairstyle and was dressed in dark colours when we met. However, she was still very feminine, and had a girlish manner as we chatted. So, I went for a more sophisticated design with subtle touches of femininity.

The base colours used were Gelish Ambience (for the sheer shimmery nude base), Gelish Medieval Madness (the muddy putty-ish colour used for the stripes) and Gelish Black Shadow. After I was done, she told me that manicurists would usually choose pink designs for her, or do simple things like gradation. In fact, it was her first time having embossed acrylic art sculpted on her nails!

While deciding on what to do for her nails, I was really quite tempted to do crystal art instead of freehand art, but after double-checking with Priscillia and finding out that she liked my freehand art, I made it a point to do one of my more complicated designs for her on her ring finger. Doilies!

Added some freehand lace, silver liner (Art Club, solid silver striper), crystals… and sculpted on the acrylic flowers on the thumbs.


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