ARASHI Rainbow

I had a customer with an unusual request – Jamie wanted a set of nails based on a Japanese group that she likes. The group is called ARASHI and apparently each of the members have a specific colour assigned to them! Thus, she requested for a 5-colour rainbow and we mixed it with a checked design from my nail art samples.

This mani was done with OPI Have a Tempura Tantrum as the base, with the stripes and dashes added with either acrylic paint or striper polishes from Art Club.

For one of the thumbs, Jamie requested for the “Prince” logo (as seen in the first picture):

She also asked for a simple matching pedi:

This was an interesting customisation request!

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8 thoughts on “ARASHI Rainbow

  1. lihui94 says:


    omg i love your nail designs and was really, REALLY shocked to see this!!
    because i’m an avid (okay, maybe change that to hardcore XD) Arashi fan, and when i saw this i totall died ;A;

    so random but i feel so touched now hehehe :3

  2. Elaine says:

    that is very nice!!!
    may i know how much does that cost and how long it takes?
    i may want to do Arashi design too! possible to show u some pic and tell u the design i want?

  3. Proud owner of these nails says:

    Thank you Ying for the great job done! It’s officially one week past but EVERYTHING is still in tact! Impressive quality of both skills and products!

    On another note, thank you for making this post on this very important day. 3 Nov is Arashi’s 12th anniversary, the very day. I meant to celebrate with this set of nails! I cannot describe the fuzzy feeling of seeing the date 3 November below the title ARASHI Rainbow. What a perfect title! πŸ˜€

    I’m sure you’ll be drawing more Arashi princes after this!

    Looking forward to making my next appointment!

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