Gelish/Artistic Colour Gloss: Princess Chandelier

Yanting did a Gelish switch after four weeks and I must say her previous manicure held up amazingly well! Apart from the regrowth, the manicure looked as good as new. I usually forget to take pictures before the Gelish removal process, but I managed to remember this time… Almost didn’t make it! As you can see, I already started on the little finger…


This time around, she wanted a chandelier design from one of my samples. The sample was done with China Glaze For Audrey, but Gelish doesn’t have anything close to that Tiffany blue, so we ended up using a colour from Artistic Colour Gloss instead.


Apparently, Artistic Colour Gloss is from the makers of Gelish and the two systems are perfectly compatible. I used the Gelish base and top coat with the Artistic Colour Gloss in Tease for this mani. The great thing about this is that Gelish has a limited colour range, so with Artistic Colour Gloss, I can offer more colour options!


For the ring fingers, I used acrylic paint to draw the chandelier design. For the rest of the fingers, I used Gelish Ambience for the shimmery base, and then the ACG Tease for the half moon. I then used Art Club’s silver glitter liner to decorate the half moon and glued on Swarovski crystals as a finishing touch.


Sealed everything with Gelish top coat to ensure that the embellishments will last. It dulls the shine of the crystals a little, but because they are genuine Swarovski, they are still shiny!


Right now I have five ACG colours and I can’t wait to add more to my collection!


5 thoughts on “Gelish/Artistic Colour Gloss: Princess Chandelier

  1. jennie w. says:

    I haven’t heard of Artistic Color Gloss. It must not be available in the States. I’ll have to check around because I’m getting tired of the same old gelish colors!

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