Bridal Pedis

Yesterday afternoon, I had the luxury of some free time to finally work on some pedi art samples!

As I’m trying to expand my bridal art portfolio, I decided to start with two classic designs for bridal pedis:

The design below is more simple – just a nude base with white gradation and topped with a clear holographic glitter polish. For the big toe, I made an acrylic heart surrounded with “lace” and lined the heart with a chain of silver beads. For the rest of the toes, I added Swarovski crystals as an accent in a corner of the nail.

The design on top is for brides who fancy more elaborate nail art. It’s also done on a nude base, but has plenty of acrylic embossed art on every nail. The big toe has an acrylic heart with ceramic flowers embedded in the centre. I glued on Swarovski crystals as a border for the heart. As for the rest of the toes, I made acrylic “lace” lining one corner and glued on Swarovski crystals along the top of the “lace”.

I can’t wait to make bridal art samples for the hands as well!

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