Gelish: White Leopard

Something super overdue and simple for today’s post! Leopard prints on a white base for Jiamin, who was half an hour late for her appointment so we couldn’t do anything too complicated. Otherwise, the next customer would have to wait!


The base colour is Gelish Sheek White and the leopard prints were done in pink and light pink acrylic paint and outlined with dark brown acrylic paint.


One last look:


Anyway, with regards to customers arriving late for appointments, I try to be fair by adopting a new, very simple policy. As long as the appointment ends at the scheduled time and doesn’t affect other customers, it’s not an issue. It won’t be fair to other customers if they arrive on time but have to wait because the previous customer was late, right?

What does this mean, then, if a customer is late? Basically, they may have to downgrade to a design that will take less time to complete, or they can downgrade the basic service eg from a gelish or classic service to an express service. With this new system in place, I will be able to ensure that no customer has to wait more than 15 min before I can serve them. 🙂 What do you think about this policy?


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