Newsflash: Flea ON this Saturday!

I will be offering express manicures ($5) and nail art ($10-$30/set) this Saturday with my partner Mynt at *Scape Street & Arts Market! The flea market is organized by Flock To Shop and the official hours are 2pm-8pm. Contact me (link above!) to book an appointment in advance!


Because I’m such an avid flea market shopper (I shop there weekly when I’m not offering my services there), I’ve noticed that increasingly, others have started offering express manicures and nail art as well. What makes Mynt and I different from the rest?

Firstly, we’re experienced at this stuff. We’ve been offering nail art services at flea markets for over a year, but we still charge the same low rate of $5 for an express manicure, which is the standard rate at flea markets.

Secondly, we have portfolios with depth. I’ve done hundreds of designs, and if you have something special in mind, I can do just about any design that you want, as long as you provide me with pictures.

Thirdly, we use quality products. I use NailTek’s specially formulated base coats to strengthen and protect my customers’ nails; I use only salon quality polish brands like OPI/China Glaze/Essie/Orly/Color Club; and I finish every manicure with Seche Vite’s amazing quick-dry top coat and slick on cuticle oil. Yes, all that for a $5 express manicure!

Lastly, our experience operating home salons and my professional training at the Pink Room International Nail Academy (complete with theory, practice, homework, exams and certificates) means that we’re *probably* the most qualified duo offering nail services at flea markets.

This explains why we are always busy from the start to the end when we work at flea markets. If you want to get your nails done, we encourage you to make appointments in advance. 🙂


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