Acrylic Extensions: Trick or Treat?

Angelynn came over for acrylic extensions and Halloween nail art! Due to the physical nature of her job, she usually keeps her nails very short. They looked like this when I first started on the extensions:

Because of her job, I made the extensions quite short by usual standards… but great for going about usual chores with no difficulty! After 4 hours, they looked like this:

These were acrylic sculpture extensions done with AnGel Pro acrylic powders. For the base colour, I used purple acrylic powder and a glitter acrylic powder. Finished with gel top coat before adding the Halloween art.

Angelynn chose a design from the October issue of Nail Max, so all I had to do was to copy it. Made minor adjustments in colour and words.

The original:

My take:

Freehanded the acrylic designs and added details with acrylic paint before sealing the art with gel top coat for a glossy finish.

I usually don’t have the time for extensions because my slots are very limited and extensions with art takes me about 4 hours to complete. Sadness… 😦


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