Newspaper Nails

Newspaper nails are relatively simple to do once you get the hang of it – there are a few versions of how to do this, and the method I used was:

1. Spray alcohol onto the nail (after the polish is fully dry – I used Seche Vite to quicken the process)
2. Spray alcohol onto a strip of newspaper and press it against the nail
3. Using a sideways rolling motion, apply light pressure for 30 seconds with a finger to ensure that the print is tranferred to the entire nail (since the nail is a curved surface, the print will appear darkest in the middle and lighter elsewhere)
4. Lift one side of the newspaper to check that the print is even. If not, continue to press lightly and spray more alcohol onto the newspaper-covered nail
5. Let dry for a minute and apply top coat

As you can see, some nails turned out better than others. I struggled a bit at first to get the print to come out even before I devised the rolling-pressure method to get the newspaper in full contact with the nail.

It was quite fun once I got the hang of it! 😀 Thanks to Georgina, who always challenges me with interesting designs. She’s one regular customer whom I always enjoy working with!


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