Gelish Gothic Monogram

I have noticed that my new customers fall into two main categories – those who search for Gelish online and stumble onto my website (Google ranks it quite highly), and those who are trying out my services based on recommendations from my regular customers. Meijun belongs to the second category and also happens to live very near me – awesome!

She knew she wanted something with polka dots, something with french, something with glitter… so we ended up with this mixed set:

I love the Gothic Monogram design the most – this is a simple polka dot design, but with her initials in a Gothic font at a corner. I downloaded a set of Gothic fonts and saved it onto my iPad so I can always whip it out for reference. πŸ˜›

The colours used:
White – Gelish Sheek White
Black – Gelish Black Shadow
Glitter – Gelish Water Field


4 thoughts on “Gelish Gothic Monogram

  1. Greetje says:

    All your nailart looks so amazing!
    Have you been doing this for Γ  long time?

    Another gelish question: do you or your clients feel that it peels of easy or would it mean that i don’t cure long enough (unfortunately my led light is not so strong)


    • nailartexpress says:

      Mmm not really… about a year? But I’ve worked on about 500 – 600 sets of nails, so the experience helps. πŸ™‚

      Gelish – no it doesn’t peel off easily. Are you referring to just Gelish, or Gelish with art? If it’s with art and peeling off, maybe the acrylic paint isn’t fully dry yet. It needs to be dry before TIO. And I also apply 2-3 coats of TIO to seal the art, to be safe.

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