Gelish: Harajuku Nails

Jessica opted for a really crazy nail art design that was featured on the cover of a Japanese nail art magazine and it is (to me) a perfect example of Harajuku style! Loud, wild, and over the top… Love it, but would never dare to wear it myself. πŸ˜›

Took the design almost wholesale except for tiny substitutions because of materials I lacked (spe al crystals and studs). The result:


Base colours:
White – Gelish Sheek White
Black – Gelish Black Shadow
Blue – Gelish Ooba Ooba Blue
Green – Gelish Amazon Flirt
Pink – Gelish Shake It Till You Samba over Gelish Tiki Tiki Laranga
Yellow – Copacabana Banana


For the freehand nail art, I used acrylic paint and either a brush or a dotting tool. If you look closely at the right index finger, you’ll see that I actually started with a pink base and filled in the black as outlines of giant circles. I did that using tiny round stickers – sticking them onto the nail, painting over them, and then peeling them off. The alternative was to use a black base and paint on pink circles, but I opted for this method to get a more perfect-looking print.


Made some acrylic ribbons and an ice-cream cone and voila! Done!


I would love to do a set of crazy tea-party or food-themed nails with 3D acrylic art next!


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