Gelish: English Countryside Floral Set

This design’s not new – I did it on myself a while back and this customer requested for the same set for herself. 🙂


Base colours:
White – Gelish Sheek White
Pink – Gelish Gossip Girl


The art was done using acrylic paint – three different shades of pink, two shades of green, one blue and one yellow. Quite tedious but well worth the effort! I love florals and this is one of my favourites!


Another close-up:


I wonder if it would look like porcelain if I did this only in shades of blue. Hmm…


10 thoughts on “Gelish: English Countryside Floral Set

    • nailartexpress says:

      Might be your technique – for fine detailing, are you dipping your brush into the paint and then using it immediately? You need to dip and drag out to sharpen the brush tip before use.

      Might also be the paint consistency. I add water if necessary.

    • nailartexpress says:

      I use cheap, normal brushes and have tried expensive ones too. As long as the brush hairs are soft and tapered, the brushes work great for me. It’s really in the technique – I mentioned a few tips earlier.

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