Gelish – Nautical Set!

Vel came over for a Gelish mani and settled on a nautical set. She originally wanted a brown base with a bear theme design but Gelish has its limitations – there are so many good colours missing from the Gelish collection! For example, they don’t have a creme brown, only a metallic brown with tiny red and gold shimmer. They don’t have a proper creme grey either, only a muddy grey and a light purple that turns greyish after a few days. Sigh.

Anyway, this was the final result:

It’s relatively simple but took longer than expected. 😦 I’ve actually been struggling with wrist pain for about two weeks and it hurts when I make certain movements, so that slows me down considerably. I went to see a TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) doctor, who prescribed me some awful powdered medicine that I have to mix with water and drink twice daily. I have to see her again tonight and may have to get acupuncture done if the medicine doesn’t work. I’m terrified. 😦

Anyway! The base colours were Gelish Sheek White for the white, Gelish Red Roses for the red, and Gelish Ooba Ooba Blue (from the Rio Neons collection) for the blue.

Did the art with acrylic paint, but used my Art Club striper polish for the gold anchor on the thumb.

I really like this nautical set πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Gelish – Nautical Set!

  1. Greetje says:

    Hi, i’ve been following your nail art And it’s so beautiful!
    I’m also using gelish, but do you apply the nail art before the top it off layer, because the previous layers are always still sticky and it seems hard to use nail art over them.

    Would love to hear your comments!
    Lots of love from belgium!

  2. Evonne says:

    Hey babe, if the pain persists you can try a chiropractor. I had horrible wrist pains too and solved my problem πŸ™‚ Can get you a referral price if you’re going! Lemme know~

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