Gelish – Acrylic Hello Kitty

On Friday, I had a day off from work so I took in appointments all day. It was really tiring (I worked for 14 hours straight, taking half an hour for lunch and another half for dinner) but I enjoyed myself working on new designs. I now have plenty of new pictures to share, so stay tuned!

Anyway… it was my turn to get my nails done on Saturday morning! I was inspired by two things – a customer’s request for Chanel nails, and some Chanel Hello Kitty sets I’d posted earlier.

I had to rush because I was taking my parents on a day trip to Johor (the nearest Malaysian state to Singapore) that day, so I did a simple version:

The base for the French tips is Gelish Ambience, the base for the Hello Kitty nail is Gelish Water Field, and the black used was Gelish Black Shadow. I decorated the French tips with dashed lines and my Art Club fine silver glitter striper polish, and drew the Chanel logo on the last nail. For the index finger, I created a flattened acrylic heart and drew the Chanel logo on that as well.

My favourite design, which I can’t stop staring at, is on my ring finger – an acrylic Hello Kitty which I made bit by bit! It was my first try and done very quickly without enough analysis of the proportions, but I like it nonetheless. Next time, I’ll be sure to make a bigger, more detailed one!


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