More Realism

When it comes to nail art, flowers are one of my top favourites. There are 8 ways I’ve done this so far, but the most tedious (in my opinion) is the last way, which is creating a realistic flower by using a lot of shading to create depth.

I usually shy away from this method because it requires more steps and takes up more time. Having to charge accordingly for the time and effort would mean a significantly higher price tag for the art, and it would also be inappropriate for a flea market, where speed is important. So, after a loooooong break from realistic flowers, I worked on it last night…

I took the design from a Japanese nail art magazine and simplified it a little. The lace was a great background detail that softened the edges of the nail.

I had to fill in the base shape of the roses with white acrylic paint before filling them in again with yellow paint. The next few steps are a bit muddied – I simplified them instead of following the lengthier process taught by my teacher. Using dark brown paint, I drew a sketchy outline for the petals. Then, I mixed the brown with yellow and added water to the mix before using it to blend between the outlines and the yellow base for more depth. I used the same principle for the leaves.

Whew! A *kinda* realistic-looking rose! Heh. I also compiled a list of the 8 ways I’ve used so far to do flowers in nail art… enjoy!

1. Stencil/silhouette

2. Outline

3. Inner details

4. Abstract

4. Blended

5. Swirled

6. Acrylic (embossed)

7. Acrylic (3D)

8. Realistic


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