WTFLEA Gelish Special!

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I will be able to offer Gelish services at a flea market!!!

(Can you tell I’m excited about this???)

To cut a long story short, one of my favourite flea organisers, WTFLEA!, has made this possible for me by making certain necessary arrangements so that I can set up my Gelish equipment.

I will be partnering Mynt again for this flea, and both of us will be offering Gelish manicures. This is the promotion that we are jointly holding JUST for this flea!

This is the best price that we could agree on, because we need to take into account flea market rental costs and the fact that Gelish is a more tedious process compared to normal manicures and hence, we will not be able to attend to as many customers as we normally would.

A simple Gelish manicure (either just one colour or with gradation or french tips) will take around 1 hour. If you add in art, it could add another 1/2 hour, depending on the complexity of the design. Thus, when booking an appointment, please let us know whether you will be doing art as well so that we can set aside enough time for you.

Right now, I’m fully booked until 6pm, so please hurry if you’d like to book an appointment!


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