Tartan Teddy

Xen requested for a design based on the following photo that she sent me:

It’s a typical Scottish tartan base, but the details are very fine and there are quite a few colours going on in the background, so I knew I had to simplify this a lot to translate it to a nail design. I tried leaving out the tiny black details (the fuzzy-looking lines) at first, and keeping the colour scheme, but it just turned out messy. So, I tried again, this time keeping it simple with just red, black and silver glitter for some bling. I also simplified the teddy bears and kept just one of them:

Did a rough job with the teddy (again, I wasn’t mixing the paint properly with water) because this was just a rough mock-up for Xen to get a general idea of the design. I could *probably* squeeze two teddies in if I resized them and mixed my paint properly so that I can get the details to be more fine. 😦

Finally, I made a matching french tip design with the tartan base, but gave it a feminine touch with some white lace. 🙂


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