Gelish: Spiderwebs

Siew Wan wanted to get a spiderwebs design done and this is the original design that she emailed me:

However, because I don’t have Gelish in black (they recalled the batch because of problems with curing it properly and I haven’t dared to order any yet), I recommended using Bella’s Vampire instead – it’s a dark, dark purple. The result:

As you can see, the gradation was done almost 3/4 of the way, unlike usual gradations which are only done at the tip of the nail and probably up to 1/2 of the nail.

I also added a coat of Ali Baba’s Sim Sala Bam from the latest Magic of Aurora collection by Gelish to give the purple more depth and sparkle.

Finally, I added the spiderwebs in acrylic paint before sealing them with Gelish top coat.

Flood of pictures!

I’ve been using my proper digital camera to photograph my work instead of using my iPhone4 so now that I have much better pictures, I’m having trouble choosing just a few to showcase on this site!

Spiderwebs are relatively easy to create – check out this tutorial:

After the gradient base (which I created by sponging on the colour), use a striper brush to paint on the frame of the spiderweb – a vertical line, a horizontal line, and two diagonal lines in an asterisk shape. You can play around with the position of the frame by centering it, or aligning it to the sides.

Next, add the curved lines in the “inner circle”… and add another set in an “outer circle”. If you have space on the nail, you can add more outwards! πŸ™‚


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