Mickey and Minnie!

Jessica wanted a set of Mickey and Minnie Mouse nails, and specifically requested for acrylic gloves.

I remembered that Rina had done a Mickey and Minnie Mouse design, so I showed Jessica the design and asked if she wanted to add in the faces.

The end result:

I used OPI Passion for the nude base and OPI Big Apple Red for the tips. I then used a dotting tool and white acrylic paint for the polka dots.

For the faces, I used OPI Alpine Snow for the base and added the details with acrylic paint, using Rina’s Mickey and Minnie for reference.

Finally, I made acrylic ribbons for the French tips, and acrylic gloves for the ring finger. I added details in black acrylic paint and covered all the acrylic designs with gel top coat.

I think this is really loud but so fun!


6 thoughts on “Mickey and Minnie!

  1. vel says:

    hi I would like to book an appointment on 2 september for gelish with some art, and a classic pedicure. I see a 12-2pm or 4-6pm slot. Will 2 hours be enough for a gelish mani and classic pedi?

    I will require a soak off as well as i have gelish and some acrylic ribbons on my fingernails. How much will soak off be?

    . Thanks

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