Gelish – Floral Tips

This is an overdue post – I wanted to wait until I had time to do my usual paint.exe tutorial before posting the pictures. πŸ˜›

Ok, on to the design! Selina opted for the Hello Kitty french tip paired with a floral tip, which I kept to a white/pink/medium pink colour scheme so that it wouldn’t clash with the Hello Kitty design:

The base is Gelish Tassels and the white for the french tip was done with Gelish Sheek White. The art was all done in acrylic paint and sealed with Gelish top coat.

After selecting the colour scheme for your flowers, you can either paint the petals on with a brush or use a dotting tool. Layer the flowers so that they overlap a little. Finally, using brown acrylic paint, paint a star shape in the middle of the flowers. Done!

You can make this a bit more detailed if you have a fine-tipped brush. Try painting on tiny lines extending from the centre of the flower, about 3 lines per petal. πŸ™‚


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