Updating a mani… Again and again

A few weeks ago, I bought a set of striping tape off eBay. Striping tape is a quick and easy way to embellish your nails, and I’ve seen people use it to wonderful effect. After a week of looking at my Gelish-ed nails, I was already getting bored even though the mani still looked fresh. So, I decided to use my silver striping tape to give it a new look. The result:


It is so shiny! However, it only looked good for a day before it started peeling off, even though I had sealed it with Gelish top coat. I had to touch up with new tape and to be safe, I sealed it with two coats of Gelish top coat.

Still, I was not satisfied. I decided to practice my acrylic art and added flowers to the mix.


I like it, but I still have that itch to do a Gelish change because I have a design that I’m dying to do on myself. 😦

Must. Hold. Out.


2 thoughts on “Updating a mani… Again and again

  1. asstha says:

    hehehe… i hv to agree with you on dat one… seems like altho the pros are much more significant for us to use gelish but the artsy side gets bored so keeping the same mani for 3 weeks is a feat for us no?… see I removed mine like 5 days ago but until today my nails are still bare… hahaha… well I’m jz plain lazy… hehehe… I get bored but after I remove em I get lazy… =.=

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