Cath Kidston!

I loved my new Cath Kidston mobile phone pouch from ASOS so much that I had to do a nail design based on it!

Here’s the beautiful pouch:

And here’s what I did last night!

It’s easier than it looks! Here’s a tutorial:

I used CG Sugar High for the base, then got out my dotting tool and used the largest ball to DOT ON white acrylic paint. You could also use a brush to paint the white base of the design, but I find that using the dotting tool is a quick and easy way to get the same effect. Just 8 dots – two below, two on top, two on the left, two on the right, and fill in any gaps in the middle.

Then, use the tiniest dotting tool you can find to create tiny dots around the white base.

The rose itself isn’t too difficult because it’s an abstract rose and not a realistic-looking one. Start off with light pink acrylic paint and just dab on the shape of the flower. Dab a bit of darker pink here and there and you’re done! Next, the leaves – random green paint for the leaves, and a darker green here and there.

Recently I’ve also been working on some new designs (you can see some of them in the picture) so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Cath Kidston!

    • nailartexpress says:

      Heh I did raise the limit for my nail art prices for more complex designs… But for the moment I want to keep it affordable so that anyone can get nail art done!

      Oh shucks. I’ll hunt again when I’m there! Did you visit any of the nail supply stores that advertise in the nail art mags? I want to go but I can’t read the Jap address zzz…

      • Evonne says:

        I didnt! Actually you can try entering some of the address/shop names on google maps it may show. This trip was with my parents so no time to wander around : ( Hope i’ll get to go again in September!

      • nailartexpress says:

        I wish I could, but the addresses are in Jap and printed on the magazine so I have no way of copying that into google maps for a search 😦 will prob take a pic and beg for kind Japanese readers to help with locating the shops!

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