Galaxy nails tutorial

Yesterday, Georgina requested for Galaxy nails. I did her nails using the sponging method:

Without flash:

Here’s a little tutorial on the galaxy nails:

The idea is basically to start with a dark base (I used OPI Black Onyx) and then sponge on white as a base (if you don’t do this step, your colours won’t show up well). You can use white nail polish, but I used white acrylic paint. This base can be totally random or you can do it in the shape of a galaxy. Then, sponge on other colours (I choose a glittery blue, CG Dorothy Who, and then sponged on purple acrylic paint because I didn’t have purple polish with me). You can do this with acrylic paint or nail polish – it doesn’t matter! šŸ™‚

If you’re not using glitter polish, I would recommend that you add a layer of glitter top coat or sponge on the glitter coat if it’s packed with glitter. For my galaxy, I actually sponged on a bit more white in the centre after that because they’re brighter in the centre.

I really like the galaxy nails – so simple to do but so beautiful! I could be biased though, because I’ve always been interested in astronomy since I was a kid!


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