My mom loves Gelish

My mom has always loved painting her nails, but she used to only do it on weekends. It didn’t make sense to polish them on weekdays because they would chip after a day at work (she does a lot of washing and preparation of food because she runs a food stall).

For that same reason, my mom has never been able to grow her nails out. However, Gelish has managed to solve that problem!

Check out her first Gelish manicure:


That was one coat of June Bride layered over two coats of Light Elegant. Very pretty, very subtle, and very flattering on short nails. You can see how short her nails are – she’s never been able to grow them longer.

However, with Gelish on, the nails have not chipped or broken off at all! Check out her second Gelish mani:


That’s two coats on Gossip Girl. The picture was taken a week after the mani, so that means a month after the first pic… but in any case, I think the nail growth was quite significant!

I just added little daisies because my mom had never done nail art on her hands (what was the point…?) so this was to ease her into it. Check out Rina’s awesome tutorial ( if you want some daisies too!


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