Two weeks of Gelish

A while ago, I posted pictures of my Gelish tiger stripes manicure:


After two weeks, the art is still intact and the Gelish hasn’t chipped or lifted. However, because I’m a bit obsessive about keeping my cuticles in line, you can see how the nail growth is very obvious when the cuticles are clean:


Well it’s also because my nails grow quite quickly… Because of all that nail growth, I’m super tempted to remove the Gelish and start all over again even though I know I can get at least one more week of wear from this set. 😦 I don’t know how people with gel nails (the kind that have to be filed off) can keep them on for months and stand looking at the nail growth!


6 thoughts on “Two weeks of Gelish

  1. cazalolotte says:

    I am agreed with you, I can’t wait to go for a mani when my nails have grown when having false nails… It is just obvious, not clean and I feel it is kind of not comfortable…. But the gelish is just great… but obviously I would remove everythin if I were you ;))) hugs

    • nailartexpress says:

      Yup, and the fake nails (gel/acrylic extensions?) are so expensive with art especially that I can understand why some people keep them on for months despite the unsightly nail growth!

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