Lattice Lace

I did Esther’s nails sometime ago at a flea market and I was too busy to take pictures. I didn’t ask her to, but she very sweetly sent me pictures! Thanks babe!

Her hands:


China Glaze For Audrey as the base and lattice lace done in white acrylic paint. This probably took around 2 minutes per finger!

Her feet:


Base colours were OPI Alpine Snow for the big toes and OPI Black Onyx for the rest of the toes. Art done in acrylic paint with a dotting tool. 🙂

I was actually not really happy with the lattice lace because the details were not as fine as I would have liked them to be, but a flea market’s not the best place for intricate designs because of the heat, the crowd and the time constraints.

So last night, when I had a bit of time during my nail art class, I practised my lattice lace design. I used the same brush but took more time (10 minutes for a single nail!) to get a more intricate result:


I won’t do this at flea markets (well there’s always the express version which will take 2 mins per nail and cost less)… But I think I might just do this on myself when I do my next Gelish switch! Having it last for three weeks makes the effort more worth the while!


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