Making Waves and Tiger Stripes

I did my own nails last Friday but I’ve been more excited about what I’ve done on others’ nails… so I’m only posting my own today 😛

For my hands, I used Gelish because I had the flea market the next day. Gelish is great because it won’t come off with normal nail polish remover and will stay perfect even as I work on others’ nails. And when I get bored of it, I can always paint over it with normal nail polish!

My Pink Room classmate Yen Yen did a really awesome manicure for a customer the other day – she used a silver holographic polish for the base and painted on zebra stripes with black acrylic paint. I loved it so much that I wanted to recreate it with Gelish.


I used Gelish Water Field for the base. The glitter is quite subtle so I ended up doing three coats… which still wasn’t quite enough!


For my toes, I used OPI Have A Tempura Tan-Trum as the base and used acrylic paint in black and white for the nail art before lining the wavy sections with my Art Club silver glitter striper.

I’m really loving Gelish but there’s no point using it for a pedicure when normal polish lasts just as long on the toes!


2 thoughts on “Making Waves and Tiger Stripes

  1. Cazalolotte says:

    I Like it SO much … Is there a place in your blog where I could find tuto on this and on other pretty amazone design that you do ? Many thanks for your answer 😉

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