Gelish – Sunflowers!

Marilyn came over on Friday for some cheery nail art! She wanted something in blue, green or yellow and flowers for that summer feel, so I suggested sunflowers, and also recommended that she try Gelish for a more lasting manicure. She chose Gelish Seafoam as the base and I painted on sunflowers inspired by Rina’s Daisies design.

I had to do three coats of Seafoam to get full opacity. After that, I painted on the petals using yellow acrylic paint (mixed with a bit of brown) and dotted the centre of the flowers with brown acrylic paint. Finally, I added tiny black dots in the centre of the brown dots.

My other suggestion was to use a nude base with white gradation so that the flowers could be on the tip and would also show up well against the white tips… but I think this colour scheme also worked out well!


4 thoughts on “Gelish – Sunflowers!

  1. cazalolotte says:

    I love what you did, it is really class, I really look forward to learn to do this πŸ˜‰ (ps is that normal if I never received your answer to my comments ???) Many thanks

    • nailartexpress says:

      Oh it’s easy if you look at Simply Rins’ tutorial! Somewhere on her website ( πŸ™‚

      Hmm, I reply to all comments, so maybe you are referring to email notifications when there is a reply to your comment? I think you would have to subscribe to that page for updates?

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