Gelish – Rose Garden

My Pink Room classmate Yen Yen came over yesterday to get Gelish-ed!

I did a gradation for her with Gelish Light Elegant as the base (two coats) and sponged on Gelish June Bride (up 2/3 of the way and a second time up 1/3 only for the gradient effect).


Using acrylic paint, I added a “fence” at the tips for her thumbs and ring fingers. I then sculpted acrylic leaves and roses over the “fence”.


Do you think it might look better as an entire set with the art on all the fingers?


2 thoughts on “Gelish – Rose Garden

  1. Ariel Braverman says:

    I think it looks fantastic, but I see what you mean about doing the art on all the nails. I think a good compromise would be to do the lattice on all nails, but save the 3d rose for just an accent nail or two! Another great job by you!

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