Mini haul from Hong Kong

I stumbled upon some nail polish stores in Hong Kong, selling OPI/China Glaze/Zoya/Essie/Color Club/Seche etc at reasonable prices. I’m used to getting these items at bargain prices, so I didn’t end up buying much… There were no savings involved, just convenience!

It all started with my sighting of this woman outside the H&M at Queen’s Street Central:


I then went hunting for the store and wound up with just three polishes:


Zoya is hard to find in Singapore, so I happily paid HKD80 each for the Zoyas – that’s about S$13? The Essie polishes were going at HKD60 each, so that was slightly under S$10.

Apart from polishes, I also bought some nail art supplies when I went shopping in Fa Yuen Street and Temple Street.


Fa Yuen Street had market stalls lining both sides of the road, and a few of them offered gel nail services for HKD138… Insane! However, it looked very unsanitary and the products they were using looked quite dodgy so I would say… Buyer beware! I bought the stackable pots of glitter and dried flowers for HKD50 (HKD28 if you just buy one) at one of the stalls. That’s about S$8?

At Temple Street, I spotted a proper shop selling nail stuff and bought more glitter, some ceramic flowers, bling ribbons and a pack of press-on metallic nail stickers. All for only HKD89 (S$14+)!

I actually bought a ton of other stuff which wasn’t nail-related at all… Should I post pictures here? 😛


5 thoughts on “Mini haul from Hong Kong

  1. javier says:

    hello, good day

    my name is Javier, I will be in HK in the next couple of days and I need to find an electric nail art drill machine (30,000 RPM) for my wife, could you please recommend any place/location where I can buy it for a reasonable price? thank you appreciate your help and assistance.
    very respectfully,

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